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Course for Credit

The Course for Credit program at The Privett Academy provides students with demanding academics in a smaller, more individualized environment.  Privett provides students with another avenue to achieving academic success.

The Privett Academy offers credit for a variety of courses. From Algebra to Spanish and almost everything in between, your student can take a full year or semester classes that are as rigorous and challenging as any traditional school setting but with the benefits of a small group atmosphere. Our classes are designed with student needs in mind and can be catered to the needs of particular students.

A partial list of the courses we offer:

Math: Algebra, Geometry, Honors Geometry, Algebra 2, Honors Algebra II, Algebra 3/Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Honors Pre-Calculus, Calculus, AP Calculus, AP Statistics
English/History: English 9, English 9 Honors, English 10, English 10 Honors, American Literature, English 12, English 12 Honors, World Studies, World Cultures, World History, World History Honors, International Studies, American Studies, Washington State History, Creative Writing, AP Literature
Science: Biology, Chemistry 1/Physics 1, Chemistry 1/Physics 1 Honors, Chemistry 2 Honors/Physics 2 Honors, Chemistry 2/3, Physics 2/3, Earth Science, Marine Biology, Astronomy
Language/Study Skills: Spanish I - IV, French I - IV, Study Skills, Test Preparation
Electives: Psychology, Photography, Guitar, Journalism

By taking one or two classes at Privett, students have access to personalized instruction and undivided attention that cannot be duplicated in a traditional school setting.

Students actively participate in their education and instructors adapt and modify curricula to suit the needs and goals of individual students.

Student schedules are designed with existing time commitments in mind to aide in dual enrollment situations. We would be happy to discuss options that could work for your student. Contact us today for more information!


Detailed descriptions of our Program Offerings


The Privett Academy’s math program meets students at their level of achievement. Following testing, a new student is placed in the program that best fits his or her individual proficiencies and needs. For example, a student with particular strengths in math might take Algebra I as a seventh grader, while a student who struggles will enroll in a program that gives special attention to relearning missing skills.

English/History (Language Arts and Social Studies)

At The Privett Academy, English and history are taught with an interdisciplinary approach that places a strong emphasis on the writing process. Students are encouraged to explore cultural patterns, investigate the influence of the past on current events, and to understand the dynamic relationship between literature and history.

Students read widely, write extensively, and venture outside the classroom's walls to experience the rich educational offerings of local cultural and civic institutions.


The Privett Academy teaches students to think like scientists. Teachers provide experimental classroom study and fieldwork while students participate in lab sciences as well as outdoor exploration. Privett’s curriculum explores environmental issues, scientific principles, and the relationships between economics, politics, and scientific research.

Foreign Language

Our foreign language program allows students ample opportunity to speak and practice the language. Students read, write and speak the language while learning about the customs and culture